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About the EBP Policy Team

Developed in 2004 with the support of the National Institute of Corrections (NIC), the Evidence-Based Practices Policy Team is a historically unique collaboration of Minnesota’s three community services delivery systems and state correctional facilities. 

Research shows that correctional agencies can reduce recidivism through systemic integration of evidence-based principles and practices, in collaboration with community and justice partners.  The Policy Team was formed to promote the statewide use of evidence-based principles and practices—and to maximize resources—so those principles and practices will become the Minnesota way of doing correctional business. 

The Policy Team works in partnership with statewide best practices networks focused on  offender assessment tools, dynamic case planning, female offenders, and cognitive behavioral interventions.

The members of the Policy Team are:

- Representatives of County Probation Offices
- Representatives of the Minnesota Association of Community Corrections Act Counties
- Representatives of the Minnesota Department of Corrections
      - Office of the Commissioner
      - Field Services
      - Facilities

 EBP Team Training Announcements --- See also the EBP Home Page

There are currently no upcoming events.


EBP Curricula Recommendations and Training Resources List 
by Sharepoint Migration
 1/22/2008 5:22 PM
The EBP Policy Team, with the assistance of ORAN, the Minnesota Behavioral Intervention Network, and the Task Force on Female Offenders, has developed a set of recommendations and considerations for jurisdictions working on EBP implementation.  It...


To provide leadership that promotes and sustains the statewide use of Evidence-Based Practices.


Evidence-Based Practice is the Minnesota model.



 Minnesota Cognitive-Behavioral Network
 Evidence-Based Practices Home Page
 Offender Risk Assessment Network
 National Institute of Corrections
 Minnesota Restorative Services Coalition
 Minnesota Association of Community Corrections Act Counties
 Minnesota Association of County Probation Officers
 Minnesota Department of Corrections

"ACT On It!"

A- Assessment- research-based tools and practices related to assessing the agency, offender, program, etc.

C-Case Planning - use of effective strategies and methods to encourage & support long term behavior change (MI, ECM, Stages of Change model, etc).

T- Treatment- (a) programs that work, and (b) aftercare or "thru-care" which is crucial in sustaining long term changes in the community.

On- Outcomes 'n Evaluation- we must continually assess effectiveness and results, and make changes when necessary.

It- Integrity & Trust- key principles that we might consider as "daily essentials" for effective and successful programs and staff.